Our girls fishing trip to Cabo, a success Journey... 16 marlin in one day!

Two weeks ago was our annual girls trip to Cabo for some R & R, fun in
the sun and fishing. Although we don’t enter any tournaments, we plan the
trip around the Bisbee Black & Blue (richest marlin tournament in the
world) because of the great festivities, the beautiful boats and well... the
men aren’t too shabby either. Five of us Anglerettes set sail with Captain
Lalo, on a 33 foot Blackfin “Tailchaser”, through Tailchaser Charters.
Three in our group had never fished but all were hooked as soon as they
reeled in their first catch. We caught 6 Dorado & 1 Marlin (3 Marlin got
away), thinking we hit the jackpot. The next day, two of us went again with
the owner of the charter co., Chuck Baker, on his 35 foot Cabo “Tailchaser
Too”. At 7:00 a.m. the Captain headed for Golden Gate Banks, on the
Pacific side, and with such finesse, dashed from one bait ball to the next,
maneuvering between boats like a water ballet. We hooked one marlin
after another, sometimes two and three at a time. By 11:00 a.m., we
caught 11 Stripers and by 2:00 we had 16! My girlfriend and I never
imagined catching so many and it truly exceeded any expectations we
ever imagined. All Marlins were released. We just brought one in for a
quick photo.

P.S. We would like to mention the Gray Whales were all around us and it
was very disturbing how many of the fishing boats do not respect them
and dash right towards them. There should be some enforcement to
protect these beautiful innocent creatures.

Happy Tails!
By Anglerette: Fran Natale
Rancho Cucamonga, CA
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